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Emergency Action Plan


To prepare for possible emergencies, the 17th Street Plaza’s building management works closely with Denver’s Fire and Police Departments to evaluate conditions, anticipate potential risks, and develop and maintain a comprehensive Emergency Action Plan for the actions employees and visitors should take at the onset of an emergency -- until Fire and Police teams arrive. This document represents that plan, which focuses on the fire safety and life preservation of 17th Street Plaza building occupants.

These procedures are not intended to alarm you, but rather to prepare you for any emergency that may occur while you are inside the 17th Street Plaza building. Denver’s Fire and Police Departments are equipped and trained to manage any incident. These procedures have been developed to present clear instructions on the actions required during the first minutes of an emergency, before safety personnel arrives. These actions will reduce the potential for injury through calm and organized communication and reaction.

While any emergency occurring in the 17th Street Plaza building could pose unique problems for building occupants and emergency personnel, thorough training in individual responsibilities and emergency procedures can minimize panic and result in safe and efficient emergency response.

To ensure safe evacuation of the 17th Street Plaza building in the event of an emergency, the procedures in this manual must be followed unless Fire or Police Department officials direct otherwise. All employees shall follow the instructions of their assigned Floor Wardens.

17th Street Plaza building management, in conjunction with the Denver Fire Department, has developed these procedures with your safety as the primary goal. All employees assigned to an office in the 17th Street Plaza building must read these procedures and become familiar with the actions required during specific emergencies.

The importance of this Emergency Action Plan cannot be overemphasized. While it is understood that this plan cannot address every possible emergency situation, the guidelines set forth should be followed as closely as circumstances allow in order to reduce the chances of injury. The purpose of this Emergency Action Plan is to establish a command structure, a sound decision-making process and effective communication lines and procedures.

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