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Miscellaneous Services

17th Street Plaza also offers many special services for our Tenants. Tenants should call the Management Office for further information regarding any of these services.


17th Street Plaza contains a number of storage units in the basement and sub-basement levels of the building. These storage units are available for lease by tenants . Please contact the Management Office for more information.

Window Washing

17th Street Plaza provides each tenant space with both interior and exterior window washings. Interior window washing is done on a semi-annual basis, and exterior window washing performed three times a year. In order for your windows to be cleaned properly, the Management Office asks that tenants limit items on the window sills, and relocate when interior cleans are upcoming. All occupants will be advised a minimum of 24 hours in advance of any scheduled window cleaning.


17th Street Plaza employs an exterminator that services the public building space. Should the need arise for emergent extermination services, please contact the Management Office. Our staff will assist in dissemination of each request and coordinating with occupant(s), as necessary.