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Medical Emergency

Tenants Requiring Medical Attention

  • Call the Paramedics - 911. Be prepared to provide:
    • The address of the Building - 1225 Seventeenth Street
    • The floor and suite number.
  • Call the Management Office - 303-292-4500.
  • Notify the Floor Warden. The Floor Warden should take charge of the emergency until the ambulance arrives (unless another doctor or medical professional is on site).
  • Attempt to comfort the injured party. Do not crowd around the person, give them space.

Upon notification, the Management Office will alert the Building Staff which will:

  • Open appropriate doors to expedite travel with a gurney.
  • Bring necessary elevator to the lobby level.
  • Meet the emergency crew and direct them to the appropriate area.

Ambulance Service

The local ambulance service, 911, will automatically take the patient to the nearest medical facility. If another hospital is desired in non-emergency situations, consult the yellow pages in advance for alternative services. Have this number handy.