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Emergency Procedures Handbook

The security and safety of our tenants is a primary concern for the Management Team at 17th Street Plaza. By informing you of our Building's emergency procedures, we hope to reduce the risk of threatening occurrences, and to coordinate quick, effective responses to emergency situations.

These emergency procedures provide information to ensure the maximum protection for you and your employees.

Please read the following page outlining the duties of a Floor Warden. Your Floor Warden plays an important role in maintaining the safety of the Building and responding effectively to emergency situations. Each office/floor should select one Floor Warden (with an alternate) for every 25 employees. Please notify the Management Office of the names of these individuals, as they will be contacted regarding Building safety procedures.

We are pleased to have you as a tenant, and hope that you will work with us to enhance the safety and security of all tenants and employees in 17th Street Plaza. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Management Office at 303-292-4500.

911 Communications Announcement (opens in new window)