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Power Failure

17th Street Plaza is designed to minimize the risk of a general power failure resulting from causes within the building. Typically, should a power failure occur, it will affect either an isolated area of the building or some larger portion of the downtown area.

The stairwells and a sufficient number of fixtures in the offices are equipped with emergency lights that will automatically go on in the event of a power failure.

In the event of an electrical failure the following guidelines should be observed:

  1. Notify the Management Office at 303-292-4500. The power failure may be localized to your floor, so do not assume Building Management already knows of the failure.
  2. If your telephone system is not operating due to the power outage, try to use a cellular phone to call the Management Office.
  3. Do not take the stairs or elevators to get to the Management Office.
  4. Open blinds to let outside light in.
  5. Do not start an evacuation unless you are instructed to do so. If you are instructed to evacuate, lock all areas as you leave.
  6. Do not congregate in the lobby areas or in the front plaza of the building.
  7. If you are trapped in an elevator during a power failure, wait for assistance, or use the phone available in the elevator. Your elevator will cease operation, but will not fall. Do not try to force open the elevator doors or try to escape through the roof hatch. DO NOT PANIC.
  8. The Management Office will attempt to advise you regarding the length and cause as soon as possible.

Power Failure: Evacuation Procedures

  1. The Floor Warden will make sure all employees are notified.
  2. Everyone should proceed calmly, to the nearest exit stairwell. DO NOT RUN!
  3. The stairwells and evacuation routes are equipped with emergency lighting. If possible, bring a flashlight along to help light the path. Do not burn candles. They are a fire hazard.
The Floor Warden or Alternate should walk the suite to assist employees and make sure everyone is aware of the evacuation.